August 1st 2013

The Sebastopol Inn  made a beautiful backdrop to the Thankful Villages motorcycle cavalcade which arrived in Minting on 1st August, to commemorate the safe return of all Minting’s WW1 veterans.  Hot summer sunshine sparkled on the polished chrome of the assembled bikes and leather-clad riders were grateful for the cold refreshments and specially baked commemorative cake provided by David and Diane at the pub and Minting, Gautby and District Heritage Society respectively.   Roy and Karen Griffiths arranged for Medwyn and Dougie to meet the living relatives of the veterans in St Andrew’s church.  Sale of cakes raised £72.75 for the Royal British Legion.  Photographs from the event are being archived at the Imperial War Museum.  If you missed the event, there are lots of photographs on our website, and the Thankful Villages Run website and Facebook page where donations can also be made.