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heritage logocroppedMinting and Gautby Heritage Society has now become Minting, Gautby & District Heritage Society. The successful conclusion of the Heritage Lottery funded project on July 3rd, 2010, completed two years of hard work and resulted in our Village Book – Glimpses and Gleanings as well as our Heritage KioskInterpretation Plinth and Heritage Trail.  Subsequently, with grant funding from the Lincolnshire Limewoods Project, the Heritage Society designed the Village Signs – one located near the church in Gautby and one opposite the Priory Field in Minting, close to the village centre.

As well as embarking on Volume 2 which will include Wispington and Waddingworth, at our AGM in 2014 we agreed to change our constitution to allow us to promote and support cultural events in our area.

If you would like to help us – we have various admin, research and cataloguing tasks to do!  Or maybe you are a good artist or have some area of research you would like to undertake which could be considered for inclusion in Volume 2.  Our email address is mintinggautbyheritagesociety@gmail.co.uk   Described as ”first rate”, “absolutely stunning” and “ought to be a template for village history books” by the late David Robinson, Volume I, a 135-page, A4, full colour, hardback village book is exceptional.

The book was written and designed by volunteers, and published on July 3rd, 2010.  The Heritage Lottery Fund representative who attended our launch was delighted and hinted that further funding requests would be favourably considered as we have so clearly met our commitments and objectives.   Project Co-ordinator, Joanna Heselwood and John Laver (history buff) were both greatly relieved and delighted with the book’s reception.  It had been a massive endeavour.

The image below is of Gautby Village Hall (which was the HQ of the Heritage Society) before the hall was replaced some 18 years ago.