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2020 Virtual Wildlife Calendar Photo Competition 

For residents of Gautby, Minting, Waddingworth and Wispington

2020 has been a heck of a year for us humans but it’s also been a terrible year for the world’s wildlife with wildfires in California, in Southern Europe and Australia and now in Colorado, killing billions of animals and insects world-wide. 

We have all seen devastating floods, huge temperature swings from one day to the next and massive habitat losses, all of which have a huge negative impact on wildlife’s ability to thrive.

Here, in UK, previously numerous animals such as hedgehogs are disappearing at an alarming rate, often killed or seriously injured by careless use of strimmers or run over by vehicles, as well as suffering from ever decreasing habitat.

Many insects (see, birds and mammals are also rapidly declining in numbers.

This is where our gardens can be invaluable to wildlife

Did you know?

“Private gardens in Britain cover twice as much land area as Britain’s nature reserves.”

Gardeners can increase their garden’s appeal to wildlife in many ways such as providing places for insects to thrive which then enables birds to find food to feed their young and there are lots of online sites online to give advice, inspiration and ideas – here’s just a couple:

So, with wildlife in such a perilous position and many of us staying at home due to Covid-19 and spending much more time in our gardens (if we are lucky enough to have one), it seems that now is an ideal time to choose

            “Wildlife in the Garden 2020”

as the theme for our Virtual Photo Competition 2020.  Maybe you have a bird feeder and caught some shots of visiting birds, or lots of butterflies visited your flower beds, or you had birds nesting in the garden, or spotted dragonflies, or colourful beetles or drunk wasps gorging on the windfalls. Whatever wildlife you managed to capture, we’d love you to enter it and maybe it will give us a good idea of what types of wildlife we have in our area

The overall winner will be awarded

£100 voucher to spend in either the Royal Society for Protection of Birds, Woodland Trust or World Wide Fund for Nature’s online shops. smile  You still have until end of the year to spot awesome wildlife in your garden!


All the details to enter can be found here: