The Sebastopol INN UPDATE

At a recent meeting of the Parish Council, it was agreed to work with the community to continue to look at other options to retain the Sebastopol Inn as a viable public house in Minting.

I LOVE MINTING AND GAUTBY Photo Competition 2017

Photo Competition 2017

‘I love Minting and Gautby’ photo competition deadline for entries is 28/4/2017


There’s a new photo competition open and although it looks like there’s loads of Photo Comp T&C’s, most of it is standard stuff and shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of the competition.  It doesn’t matter if the photos are old or new..

A Working Party of the Parish Council has been formed and is being co-ordinated by Sarah Smith.  The group will be investigating the
possibility of a community pub project.  If you have any questions or would like to be involved, please contact Sarah Smith  at